Dear friends and guests, dear students and their parents,

First of all, let me welcome all of you on behalf of Kimyo International University in Tashkent.

I would like to take this opportunity to say that, at present under the leadership of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev, fundamental reforms in the sphere of higher education are under way.

A significant example of this is the Presidential decree of the Republic of Uzbekistan on October 8, 2019 No.UP-5847 “About the approval of the Concept of the higher education system development of the Republic of Uzbekistan till 2030”. Particularly, the Head of the country pays particular attention to the development of the public-private partnership in the sphere of higher education, increase in the level of the enrolment of the higher education by more than 50% on the basis of organization in the country’s regions the activity of public and private higher educational establishments, and creation of a vibrant, competitive environment.

Due to the reforms carried out in our country in the field of non governmental higher education services, there is a range of  non governmental higher education institutes operating in the country including our university- Kimyo International University in Tashkent.
For the first 4 years the university carried out its activity under the brand “Yeoju Technical Institute in Tashkent”. For this short period, the number of educational directions of the institute increased till 29, the institute received an International quality management ISO 9001:2015 certificate as well as an international accreditation of 9 educational directions and entered database of the The European Quality Assurance Register for Higher Education (EQAR) for humanitarian and economic directions. 

Presently a strategic objective of entering EUR-ACE (European Accredited Engineer) database has been set for technical directions and undergoing international accreditation for all educational programs as well as organizing international institutional accreditation of the university in the nearest future.   

Meanwhile, for the abovementioned period the network of international cooperation with partners from overseas educational institutions has increased. If in the first year, our main partner was Yeoju Institute of Technology of the Republic of Korea, presently the number of partner universities has reached 50 universities from various countries and the university has close ties in the sphere of higher education with universities like Hanyang, Gachon, Hankyong National University, Chosun, Jeonju, Daegu etc. (Republic of Korea), Roosevelt University (USA), NILE and Strathclyde (UK), Riga Technical University, Turiba University and Baltic International Academy (Latvia), Technical University of Berlin and International University of Applied Sciences (Germany), Yildiz Technical University  and Istanbul Aydin University (Turkey) and many other universities. 

Taking into consideration suggestions of international partner universities and international experts of the accreditation commission, a decision to rebrand the university with the aim to increase its status has been made. Starting from October 2022 our higher educational establishment is called- Kimyo International University in Tashkent.

Taking into account the objectives set by the Head of the country and the public policy in the sphere of higher education in general, Kimyo International University in Tashkent implements curricula on the basis of credit-module system, developed in collaboration with Korean and European experts in step with the recent advancements in the sphere of education, science and technology of the developed countries including the Republic of Korea. The university, along with in-depth teaching of theoretical knowledge, pays special attention to the development of practical skills, logical and creative thinking of students, and also broadening an academic and practical collaboration with the real sectors of economy. In addition to that, the university focuses on creating all necessary conditions for students’ obtaining up-to-date knowledge by offering exchange Educational Programs such as  «2+2», «3+1», «2+1+1» and «2+2+1» as well as other academic mobility programs with partner universities.

Besides that, the university pays constant attention to the improvement of its infrastructure and physical facilities, as well as involvement of leading international teachers and practitioners in the educational process.

Welcome to Kimyo International University in Tashkent!