Muhandis D

Areas integrated with IT in the development of society are often described as a topical specialty of today, and at the same time in the field of production young professionals with the ability to work with modern equipment imported from abroad are always in the interest of large manufacturers. Muhandis D start-up within the Innovation Center is the incubation address of the above-mentioned personnel. The main purpose of this start-up is to solve the above problem by training technical engineers in accordance with modern requirements and supply at the Institute. On Muhandis D scale, a student who is interested in all the technical disciplines of the Yeoju Technical Institute and selected in the test will study in a sequence in the fields of CAD, Robotics, Electronics, Programming, Metal Construction and Mechatronics and will be able to work on technical developments

Information about course leader
    Course leader: Polvonov Elmurod 
    Reception days: Daily from 17-00 to 18-00
    E-mail address:
    Work phone: (99) 0375510